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Thread: What do you do, and how much do you make?

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    What do you do, and how much do you make?

    I didn't see a thread like this here, so I will start off.

    I run a profitable forum in a high tech niche market (posforum dot net)

    I sell ads in the right hand column for $99.00 each per month. Pay-pal subscription ONLY.

    The ads were sold via email marketing and cold calling, more hopefully will be on the way

    Right now that forum makes me about $500.00 per month.

    I have an ecommerce site I am launching to sell a very uniques packaging product. This should launch this month.

    Third, I own a lawyer directory that will take years to make me any money.

    Fourth, i have started some microsites.

    Other than that I also work a full time job that pays me well.

    Ok, everyone else, lets hear it!

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    Henny started a new thread on the same topic

    OK, I will share :-)
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