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Thread: What do you think of drop-shipping ?

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    The only thing I would be concerned about is if the supplier doesn't have any of the product that the customer has paid and wants they sometimes have to wait a while. That's the main reason I don't dropship anymore.
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  2. What about customer returns?
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  3. hmm can you make your store automatically update say if things run out of stock it will change... ?

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    hmm can you make your store automatically update say if things run out of stock it will change... ?
    I'm sure you could code it so it automatically updates but a lot of suppliers I have worked with don't keep up to date in regards to if they have the item in stock.
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    I think if you are considering to supply medicines then you should only consider discreet shipping.

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    Drop shipping is very beneficial to smaller retail shops, internet-only storefronts and those who primarily use catalogs for sales. Customers of these outlets don't always expect to walk out with their purchases, so a slight delay between ordering and drop shipping is not a drawback. A representative item may be displayed on the store's shelves or pictured in its catalog, but the actual product purchased may be sitting in a factory's warehouse 3000 miles away.
    One of the biggest problems drop shipping addresses for retailers is inventory control. In a traditional retail store setting, products are ordered in bulk from the manufacturer and must be stored in a secure area until displayed. This means maintaining a proper storage area, hiring employees to handle the stock and investing in security measures to prevent theft. With drop shipping, the retailer does not keep a large inventory on the premises. More space can be devoted to displays, and fewer employees need to be hired to handle shipping, receiving, inventory and security.
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