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Thread: What do you think of drop-shipping ?

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    What do you think of drop-shipping ?

    I want to create one or 2 ecommerce sites. The 2 real ecommerce scripts out there are magento and oscommerce.

    However I do not know how hard it is to run a ecommerce site. If anyone does please could you give me (a newbie) some tips.

    This is because I do not know the ins and outs of running a store ect.


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    I have read some success-stories about dropshipping coupled with PPC campaigns.
    But, you should find a reputable dropshipper (individual or company)..

    You can try to discuss with selre on DHgat or iOffer but the majority of the products are fake/illegal. But, ds linkers and psp crackers are somethings that works well ^^

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    I have used dropshipping in the past and finding a good reliable source is extremely hard as there a lot of people out there to rip you off. I have only ever found 2 companies that I thought were trustworthy enough to use and it turned out well. The one thing I found is that there isn't much profit to be made doing it.

    Recently I have moved on to actually stocking the products and that has actually turned out quite well and I have made more money that when I was dropshipping but of course I had to outlay the money straight away.
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    I also decided to set up a store front and stock products. It is hard to find good partners for drop shipping. As Nathan mentioned, there are a lot of bad players. Some are simply middlemen who do not stock inventory themselves.

    The trick to keeping your costs down when stocking inventory is to find fast moving items, maintain low levels of inventory and negotiate prices. I find it fairly easy to get most manufacturers to include free shipping if you bump the order up a bit.

    Just about all manufacturers and distributors are hurting for business right now, so you need to negotiate. It is harder to do that with drop shippers.

  5. This is quite an old thread... but now i have started to turn to dropshipping again

    I have one question though, can you get it completely set up so that when someone orders a product the dropshipper will send it out automatically ? so that it is kind of passive income... but there will be some maintenance like 10 minutes per day...

    Also has anyone use Magento ? Please could you explain the advantages compared to other ecommerce programs... how has it worked for you ?

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    I recommend you have a look at Zen-Cart creators were a part of Oscommerce dev team around 4 years and I think 2-3 left and went and created there own which in my eyes far surpasses Oscommerce and has fantastic support great forum, mods and templates.

    Many drop shippers over there that will lend a hand.

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    When you dropship, you need to send everyday to the dropshipper : payments, informations about products bought and customers addresses.

    Last week, I had found an easy way to start dropshipping :
    DealExtreme: Cool Gadgets at the Right Price - Site-Wide Free Shipping (Page 1)
    with : DealExtreme: $0.01 Drop Shipment and Gift Service (Removes DX logo from package)

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  8. Thanks for the replies

    I have heard good things about zen-cart so i will check them out as well, the only problem is that there templates aren't as nice as magento... or maybe i am not looking hard enough :P

    @ Come have you used those sites ? It would be great if you could tell us your experience from working with them

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    No. Sorry, I have just bookmarked it when I saw this link on a blog (I don't remember which one, sorry ). Please keep us informed of your experiment, I'm very interested

  10. ok, thanks for the links... I am not 100% sure if i will end up doing this, but if i do i will keep you informed

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