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Thread: What method produces the most income?

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    What method produces the most income?

    Hey everyone.

    I'm trying to figure out how fellow NetBuilders make the largest fraction of their online income. Tell me what works the best for you! Is it affiliate marketing? Advertising? Something else?

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  2. freelance works like providing links , social bookmarking and promotions on regular basis , Selling articles and flipping blogs . After that adsense is best one for long term earnings .

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    Adsense and allowing people to post to my high PR blogs
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    I earn 100% of my money from freelancing. I do own a few sites but I don't make money from them.

    I mainly do Web Designing & Programming and make good money from it.

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    Adsense is still the number 1 income source for me.

    I am trying hard to get similar income from affiliate programs...not much success yet....
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    Affiliate & Freelance income could be a lot, but it's most of the time just temporary. You write articles, you design a site and get money, but when the deal is done it's all finished. Starting websites for example, pays off later on, but it's on a long-term basis. So IMO you'll earn the most by having websites, and ofcourse those that earn you some money.

    Combine them, freelance for yourself and add affiliate campaigns to your websites who have advertisements on it like from Google Adsense etc
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  7. With affiliate marketing you need MANY offerings going on at one time. I think producing your own product is the best way to go. It takes more time, but in the end, it produces more long-term and consistent results.
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    For me it's freelance writing. Of all of the methods I've tried, that's how I make the most amount of money.

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    I am a firm believer that the more income sources you have, the better off you will be both in the future and in case of emergency (i.e. banning from a network or a complete network cancellation). Most of you have been talking about AdSense. I make money from Adsense, but it currently only represents about 5% of the total profit that I make.

    I make freelance Blogger blogs for others, that's a nice source of income, but still not my largest. I have several high-visiting adult-oriented sites, yet that still isn't my largest form of income. I have stock in silver, which is a nice touch, and that is rapidly on the rise. I have several offline marketing methods (see my college advertising thread for more about that) that help me gain money from affiliate companies. I also have several other whitehat sites as side projects working together to help me make money. And this is just whitehat, which represents only 20 to 30 percent of my total net profit.

    Blackhat-wise, my biggest earner is cookie stuffing several dozen various affiliate networks side-by-side with my whitehat sites. I also have delved into the world of GodCPA and Cakeslice Standalone and tweaked some CPA pages to create my own legitimate-looking pages (see my Theme Park Method thread). I make money through torrenting as well, albeit small amounts.

    I have also become a self-proclaimed expert in the field of e-whoring, and have an army of about 200 e-whores who, through Adult Friend Finder, unknowingly give me 10% of their profits every month. This usually totals about one and a half to two grand each and every month, all for me doing nothing but showing them the ropes once and answering questions.

    I am about to start an e-whoring network of friends that I personally run each and every one of. They will be strung together and will "Communicate" with each other on their walls and whatnot, to seem as legit as possible. I will spam affiliate links everywhere, and they will be hidden in the most tight of places, as to seem like a real person. I'm going to start a thread soon on the progress of this.

    Any questions about any of these methods or anything else blackhat, feel free to join my new social group and ask me. Either that or PM me. Or post somewhere asking me. Whatever you wish.


  10. Quote Originally Posted by Razorloq View Post
    I am a firm believer that the more income sources you have, the better off you will be both in the future and in case of emergency (i.e. banning from a network or a complete network cancellation).
    Multiple income streams rock!

    I own an "offline" business. In my "online" business my revenue is mainly advertising via the AdSense, NetShelter, and VibrantMedia networks.

    But... that's making me crazy, so I'm investing time and money into generating revenue from:
    • eBooks (as both a publisher a reseller)
    • Drop shipping sites
    • CPM ad networks
    • Script sales

    Diversification is an important strategy for seeing where the markets are headed.
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