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Thread: What are your top 3 ways to Monetize?

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    What are your top 3 ways to Monetize?

    Just looking to find some information on monetizing sites to maximize profits and was wondering what everyone else s top 3 ways to monetize there sites are? Thank you in advance.

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    Some sites are great for adsense, some sites aren't. I would then use affiliate programs and my own products.
    I'm an entrepreneur at Kavoir LLC. My latest venture is about useful data sets.

  3. Here are a few ways to monetize a site:
    - sell text links
    - sell banner ads
    - Google AdSense ads
    - other contextual links (there are several adsense competitors)
    - offer something to download (PDF, ebook, software, etc.)
    - create a members' only area (they must pay per month for access)
    - give something away for free (in exchange for their email address, etc.) then sell your list or email them with other offers.
    - affiliate links
    - sell products (dropship)
    - sell products (you do it all yourself)
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    Amazon and Clickbank do good for me on a lot of my blogs and sites.

    Some blogs, infolinks is doing super.

    But you have to test on your blog/site to see what will work.

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