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The commission levels as stated herein are subject to the Terms and Conditions as described in the Partner Program Agreement on the “JOIN NOW” page.

TravelSpot.US pays its commission upon booking rather than upon consumption. In addition to the commission levels, Partners may opt the option to individually mark-up various Travel Products as desired. For assistance in setting mark-ups optimally please contact us at PartnerSupport@TravelSpot.US.

A sign up bonus of USD$20 will apply upon achieving a minimum commission payout during the first month of active partnership.


sales volume commission
0 - 200 US$ 8
201 - 500 US$ 9
501 + US$ 10
Hotels Cars Insurance

sales volume commission commission commission
0 - 100 US$ 15 US$ 5 US$ 5
101 - 250 US$ 16 US$ 6 US$ 6
251 + US$ 17 US$ 7 US$ 7