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Thread: White Vs. Black

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    People prefer white above a black background. When I visit a website that has a black background, it's usually a hackers website or warez website. So IMO it's white.
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    I think white as you do not often see sites with black layouts that are not forums or gaming websites etc also white is very easy on the eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    I think you're a Bronco's fan.

    I think blue works because it makes blue links somehow more "clickable."
    You are correct that blue gives a comfortable and business feeling.

    How about White with Blue, Orange and Green?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    White, with blue accents.

    I prefer the same....

    It gives a professional look to the sites...

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    Black is for gaming/adult/hacking sites, white is for professional sites.
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    There are pros and cons to both options. Having a white background is the norm (heck, Google has a white background). It is the usual color for most professional web pages and usually looks best in most situations. Black backgrounds have a nice touch of 1) being easier on the eyes for long periods of time, and 2) uses less of your energy, and less wear on your computer screen over the lifetime of your monitor.


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