I need to expand my network of websites to increase my AdSense revenue. Now, I have some websites that either use a custom CMS of mine (not easily portable) or are hard-coded HTML. They do great in SEO but are high maintenance.

It's been my experience - years of experience - that Google really likes websites that are optimized HTML - that is, a high content/markup ratio increases search engine ranking. I've run experiments that prove this time after time. In some cases ruthlessly optimizing the HTML pushed the website from Google Page 2 to Page 1. Usually the people that argue against this haven't run their own experiments, but contrary to Google's position I was shocked and surprised at the improvement in rankings.

I've looked at various WP themes and there's lots and lots of CSS and markup, DIVs nested in DIVs nested in DIVs. Even the most SEO-promoted WP themes are guilty. I know as a hard fact that removing these nested DIVs improves SEO.

So, is WP really a good platform for a network of AdSense websites? Or is there another platform or template system that's better?