Ok, so I'm lazy. I use the Kontera Wordpress plugin vice manually entering the code. :O
It is easy to use:
kb.kontera.com :: How Do I Use the Kontera WordPress Plugin?

Here was a recent issue/lesson learned for me for any of you who use the same. I have a specific post that is getting about 3-6K uniques a day to it right now with Kontera ads enabled (in addition to Adsense). I update the post about once a month due to the niche. A few weeks back, I was checking my Kontera earnings, and I was like Hmmm..., has my post lost some rank? people not clicking on in-context links now?? What's going on????

After wasting more time than I care to remember, the fix was as simple as....
Rechecking the "Display Kontera Ads" checkbox that appears on the upper-right of the WP editor in 3.2 (I haven't upgraded to 3.3 yet)! Urghhh...
I'm sure this is clearly delineated somewhere in the company's documentation.. and the check box clearly becomes de-selected on subsequent post edits until I check it again. But, with how much I multi-task, was NOT on my list of things to check so I missed it.

For me, was a loss of about $200 based on Kontera earnings before and after. For you, could be more or less. But, why tempt fate! I felt like I had taken a wad of Euro or dollar bills and just lit them with a lighter!!

The Lesson: If you are lazy like me and have to use the Kontera plug-in, once the post gets old, verify the check box is selected!

Lesson Caveats: Since Infolinks v Kontera was previously a religious issue on this and other boards. This "gaffe" is my fault for not checking the check box selection and provided as a lesson for others. I think both service providers have quality products...but neither is best for all niches. You should test and pick the best performing offer for your specific niche. For me on this site, Kontera works best when run with Adsense.