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  1. You bid on it there, you claimed you owned it there, you promoted it there, and your girlfriend is still promoting it there this month.

    I ask you again... how are you planning to deny your clearly obvious association with it?
  2. I dont care about your "blue wave"... it's providing a lovely opportunity to discredit the hardcore loonies.

    Gonna have a hard time denying the association with xxxDirectory.NET. You are seen bidding on it at DP, claiming it as yours while asking people to rate it, and you and your fiance are seen pushing it. Did someone hack BOTH of your accounts to do that?
  3. ROFL. So you're claiming you don't own Funny, both you and your girlfriend seemed to think so before.

    See [ame=]American companies being shunned by Iraq (View Single Post)[/ame]
  4. I fail to see that you refuted anything, you preach against erotica on one site and try to profit from it on others. Proven fact now. I have nothing against adult material, just funny seeing you act like you hate it while you peddle it (speaking of schizophrenic).

    All I did was expose you for the self-righteous fraud that you are.

    Btw - Good luck on the XXXdirectory. Great little devout Muslim site if I ever saw one. Weren't you the one that said getting involved in adult could be lucrative but it would cost your soul?
  5. Who is really obsessed... I've ceased posting on your profile and simply continue to address the bullshit you post on mine, pornboy.
  6. Good. Got a bit of info by email you'd love to see.
  7. If you keep doing that you're gonna go blind.
  8. Well if it is any consolation you're the nicest devout Muslim / erotica peddler I know. Feel free to quote me.
  9. LOL. What an obsessive little troll. Rather than handcrafting constant replies to your whines, I'll recycle what one of your fellow Muslims wrote of you:

    "... the sad fact is that MENJ represents a cross-section of Malaysian youths who desperately need help. Coming from a low socioeconomic background, possessing minimal education and wholly unattractive to the workforce, these youths are disenfranchised from mainstream society and are unable to respond and interact with the modern world. Their narrow-minded mentality, disguised as “Islamic” should come as no surprise, because their upbringing and environment have denied them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

    Although his face might suggest otherwise, MENJ is not born an idiot. He grew up into one."
    Boy did he ever have you pegged.
  10. Already DID confront you on this site, and refuted your posts calling me a liar very well I might add. Face it kid, you ARE an adult webmaster, a peddler of cheap erotica. That wouldnt bother me if you didnt rail against the same on other sites.

    There's nothing quite so slimy as a religious bigot that rails against erotica on one site and tries to profit from it on another. Hope you enjoyed the pants-down whipping, try to behave in the future.
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