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  1. That makes two of us. And a post is easier to finish with , than just a boring dot.
  2. Well I am happy person, almost always with smile on my face .
  3. Hmm...You use this: a lot too. That makes us kind of brothers. "Brothers of Smilies"
  4. Great. You have then place to stay for few days
  5. Bosnia is nice country indeed. Maybe I will take a trip to there one day.
  6. I am from Bosnia
    very nice country and nice people if we overcome problem between nations
  7. Where do you come from? And yes. Finland is great, but still I'm planning to move some place else, in the future.
  8. Hehehe I know that I saw it here when you posted
    Anyway nice country. On of my favorite. Maybe I will move one day there
  9. Hey Hellas. I come from Finland.
  10. hey desan from where are you comefrom?
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