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  1. None of your sites are loading for me atm.
  2. thanks for the thread, but I just tested it and doesn't even work with youtube, not even the images load. Doesn't work with myspace, neither with twitter.
  3. I just saw this thread and thought it might interest you:

    [ame=]New super simplified proxy script, forked from PHPRoxy[/ame]
  4. Your sites are loading fine at the moment. But yesterday they were unreachable for a couple hours.

    If it happens again today or tomorrow... i will let you know.
  5. hello we, is proxieslounge,, and loading for you? could you check cuz it seems some people are not able to visit these sites which are hosted on the same account.

  6. it was down for a couple minutes, it should be working right now.
  7. Hi,

    Proxieslounge hasn't been loading for me in the last couple hours...
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