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  1. I see your profile image/avatar showing; unless there is some other image of which I am not aware.
  2. Yarghh...can't quite get a hold on this visitor message system.

    Yep, there is certainly a difference here than with some of the big webmaster forums, though we'll see how the future holds out. I guess there have been several attempts at webmaster forums which are trying to break free from the over-moderating and bathroom advice that has become such a part of places like DP and that Wimps for....scuse me...Warriors forum that handed you a temporary ban for the link in your sig.

    Both of us here, huh? (heh...heh...heh)

    Getting ready to head back to Cave City, so I'll be gone for about 10 hours. Talk at ya on the flipside. 10-4 and out.
  3. Howdy Menard! I am here following your recommendation. It seems like they put a lot of thought into the design of this site and the community is nice.
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