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  1. Not terribly involved in Tx RE at present. The directory work sorta consumes the time, plus the market in TX sucks. I still do a little work for the courts... runnning interference when someone's having trouble with a lender due to divorce.

    My job is to keep the lender at bay so the sellers can sell it first. Telling their lender to piss up a rope because a receivership precludes foreclosure is the only part of RE that's fun right now anyway. [As you might imagine I have a talent for that part.]

    As for dmoz... they have people here, they dont especially need my 2 cents. I joined here post ODP stage, so I figure the guys still there should speak for themselves. Doubt its a hot topic here.
  2. rofl. Damn they'll let anyone in this place. ~ Agreed! But only because they let you in

    I have thus far stayed out of the ODP topics, and likely will... so heh... maybe now we can actually talk Texas real estate and not have to resort to name calling or comparing edit counts :P
  3. rofl. Damn they'll let anyone in this place.

    Hi Q. I'm not here for spitting matches, so far as I'm concerned this is neutral ground. Have a good one. ~ Rob
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