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  1. Well, drat... I am not getting vBSEO, so I guess I gotta find something else to do that.
  2. Aha! Now we're getting somewhere.

    This feature, which I never notices, magically appeared with an upgrade of vBSEO.

    It's documented at vBSEO CPEO Functions/Acronym Expansion.

    Mystery solved!
  3. post:

    Look for the word SEO by TopDogger. It's underlined with dashes and when you put your mouse over it it shows Search Engine Optimization.

    Mini screen shot:
  4. Here on NB? Can I talk you into making a screenshot?
  5. My bad, after I left that comment, I realized it was more then acronyms... more like a glossary? Words like SEO are sometimes underlines & when you hover your mouse it gives a description.
  6. I'm missing something... what acronyms?
  7. What Addon are you guys using for the Acronyms? My Niche is FULL of them, and I'd LOVE to have that for my site (vB4.0 sadly) but I may be able to get it converted...

    I found a Acronyms for vB but that's for 3.5 and was hoping you had something newer.

    (and once again, sorry to bother)
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