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  1. I wish that I had spent my time writing articles. I was busy doing manual link exchanges. It took me around three months and I had a couple sites ranking on all the keywords.

    Anyway a link is a link. Since a lot of the exchanges were in the same niche, I'm still getting some referral traffic.

    It's true that Google has changed the way that we link. I try not to let Google influence me about linking. The way that I look at it is that even if Google doesn't exist, I will always get some traffic from my backlinks.
  2. Writing on topics that you are interested in is a lot easier. I can turn-out all five articles in a few hours on my topics. But it's like beating my head on a wall for general topics.

    800 articles is a lot. But by writing them yourself you were able to get some high quality that would have cost way more than $2 per article.
  3. So the first first 800 articles on Tech-FAQ you wrote yourself. I've got to start writing more. Any good books with article templates that can speed up the process?
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