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  1. Thanks for getting my account back in working order.
  2. I probably will forgo buying any articles until I write a few hundred myself and see results.
    $2 per article is alot and I'll probably need a few hundred to see any results. But I think I know it works. I've tried article sites before I got into proxy sites and starting making a few cents a day almost instantly when I put only 10 articles or so. But that niche topic must of not been saturated becuase I've wrote quite a few articles and not seen any results.. one site has been up for 8 months and earned $0. (Literally by looking at the report for that channel )
  3. How much do you recommend to pay per article? I'm seeing writers charging like $2 for cheap article. I still think that too much, that means each article has to make more then $2 with adsense to hold its weight, I imagine that wouldn't work out.
  4. Hello Will, When you started your content sites did you buy articles right away or did you write all of them yourself for how long?
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