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    I have created a website where people pay you to post on their forums. I need 3 people to help me with this and get the money.

    How much will i get paid?

    It depends, first of all the better you advertise the more people we get so the more money you get. You will be paid 30% every month, unless you dont help as much as you can then it will be lowered.

    I need:


    Paypal email:

    Normal Email:


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    I can help you with it. But may I please have a link to the forum? I'll give you my details through PM

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    i have just finished setting it up, its a draft so it looks dodgey and the text is sort of repeating, i just need to get a domain as well its

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    Okay I am there. PM me when you get a client. I'll be there

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    you have to advertise first, otherwise no clients = no money

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    well they are now pretty cheap so not much now

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    Seeing as you are requesting .info domains from here which are 60p, can you please tell me how you plan on funding this sort of site?

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