Forum/Website Name:

Role(s/Services needed) required:1 Administrator and 2 Global Moderators

Paid or not: no, sorry.

Method of Contact: PM me here with the subject:

"AdminHelper Staff Application Form"

Other details: Admin Helper is a forum created by Ryan Woody. it is a forum designed for admins to come and discuss about their site. unlike other forums for admin, Admin Helper does not provide packages or jumble ads, but instead it helps admins to solve problems about their forum's software, be it phpBB or MyBB or other software. Admin Helper also provide you with a section special for BBCodes for you to enhance your forum to be better!

Admin Helper has just been opened a few days ago. For that reason, Admin Helper needs your help to be part of staff team members. we're currently looking for:

1 Administrator and 2 Global Moderators

the requirements:

- Experience is not necessary. Of course things will be easier if you've had experience in the position you're applying for before, but it's not compulsory.

- You must be able to post at least 3 times a week.

- You must be able to help the founders advertising this site and get members.

- Fill the application form below and reply to this thread or PM me.


[spoiler]User name on Admin Helper:


Position you're applying for:

Experience: (optional)

Why should we pick you:

Do you understand what you need to do in Admin Helper:

Other information:[/spoiler]

Thank you for reading this staff search post! We hope to see you on AH soon!