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    Sorry if i post in a wrong section

    Anyone want to affiliate our sites?

    If so send me a pm.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Affiliate

    Yeah, you've posted in a wrong..if you want them to affiliate with your forum, you can just pm them or you can post it in your topic in the Subway.

    Topic Moved.

    To the Subway Managers: This topic is temporarily placed here in the subway. Sorry about this,. I'll just talk to Master later - marvin_silent25

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    Re: Affiliate

    We will discuss this where it belongs soon.

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    Re: Affiliate

    Unlocked and moved to Community Services, you can use it here Robinet.

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    Re: Affiliate

    We'll leave this open here.

    Your site doesn't seem to load.

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    Re: Affiliate

    Yea, its not loading.

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