Forum/Website Name: NOT RELEASED JUST YET!

Role(s/Services needed) required: Co-Founder

Paid or not: No

Method of Contact: PM me here

Other details: The forum is PHPbb 3.x

This person needs to be able to post and help around the board in getting it started up and running... (We have the forums in place and everything is ready to go but I need someone to help me get it off the ground!

CF is the first site to get this information and will ONLY be offered to CF members at this present moment!

If your interested please PM me the following Application: (SPOILER)

[spoiler]CF User Name:



Do you have experience? (NOT NEEDED) I can teach all the basics of the forum

Why would you like this job?

Do you understand what you will need to be doing around the forum (AdminHelp... not CF)?

Other comments[/spoiler]

Thank you!