Hello everyone,

I am currently seeking a new staff position on a forum, website or blog. Before I go any further I would like to give you a little background information as to who I am.

My name is Joe Anderson and I am currently 20 years old attending college in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, United States. I tend to go as extreme, iamextreme or mriamextreme around the internet world. I have a lot of knowledge about loads of things especially in regards to forums. I am highly experienced in phpBB3 and Mybb. I know basic HTML as well. I have accurate grammar and great spelling. I am active online for at least 6 hours each day and Im definitely a people person. In my offline time I enjoy playing sports, reading, exercising and learning and expanding my knowledge on things of a wide variety of genres especially regarding technology. I'm a big tech guru.

Past and Current Employers:

- Currently am Co-Owner of Topsite101(.com)

- Former Forum Promotion Package Team Member (slightly over two months)

- Former Forum Promotion Review Team Member (slightly under two months)

- Former Head Administrator of ezPromotion(.net) Closed

- Former Owner of Juungla(.info/.wehostyour.info) Closed

I will only look consider forums that are:

- No anime/role playing forums.

- Have over 2k posts.

- Have a reasonably active community.

Please post or PM me a link to your forum, website or blog and what you require. I will then review your forum and send you a PM with my answer.

Thank you.