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Thread: Forum Crew Needed

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    Forum Crew Needed

    Site Description

    Forum Advertising is a new promotion forum with a plan. We plan to make promotion easy and our 'forum dream', go from 0 members and 10 posts to a full propisering forum.


    Positions Open

    -Package Team

    -Review Team

    -Graphics Staff

    To Apply

    PM Me with job wanted and resume

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    Re: Forum Crew Needed


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    Re: Forum Crew Needed

    It says server not found, and I'm using Google Chrome. Sites not up yet, I take it?

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    Re: Forum Crew Needed

    For me it displays SQL Error... there must be something wrong with your database...

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    I can't really offer much in the way of advertising, but I am great at designing themes and templates.

    I am quite good at graphics if I do say so myself...

    I have a modified version of Afresh Black template by Justin S, at

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    i could probaly do graphics or reviews

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