hello, everyone.

if you still remember the gaming forum Macster was talking about some time ago, we have returned with some information and some staff positions open. so we've set up few things and we're actually getting ready to open the site and the forum, but we are still in need of some help from you. read below for more information!

Forum Name: GamerZclans

Positions Available: Graphic Designer (1), Site Representative (1)

Link to forum: ---- (the forum is still on process right now, so we won't share the link here)

Position Details:

Graphic Designer >> This person must have a good knowledge of photoshop or any program he or she runs. We will require several pieces of work (4-5 pieces of work) so that we can get a rough of idea of your talent. We would prefer you have some like for gaming, but this isn't a must, just to make sure you're interested in the site your working with. You must be dedicated enough to the site, but since this is not a paid position, we do not require you to be around all the time. Just 3 times a week at least. More on the job will come with your resume (which we will pm you).

Site Representative >> This person must have prior experience in moderation of forums. We will take care in selecting this individual, as they will be required to greet new members of the site, and answering any questions they may have. They may be asked to post news to the social networks we run, and making sure the member's needs are met. Simple job, and you MUST be a people person otherwise no need to read further.

if any of you are interested in those two position, you can contact me or Macster through PM. we shall discuss things more thoroughly that way. thank you vert much for your attention! ^^