The reason I say just a raise of hands is because I wanna start one, and really hope to make it somewhere this time, depending on the time I can contribute myself. I wanna know that I may have a backing to help me.

Forum/Website Name: Not named yet...

Role(s/Services needed) required: Co-Admin, Mods, content writers, Gfx Team, the whole sha-bang ... this is basically a need for staff to get the site started, and moving before really going into seeking members.. Co-Admins would follow under content writers as well...

Paid or not: Not Paid, however, if we get a good following of members, and we can offer premium items, we can then offer them the ability to donate, and also maybe put in subscriptions which allows the member access to the quality stuff (like Videos, Images, etc, from games, that may not have been seen by anyone yet.)

Method of Contact: You can contact me here either through this topic, or through my pm... it's better just to do it here for now saying that you would be interested...

Other details: Now, that I have your attention I wanna make it clear, that the site will be very professionally ran... no kiddies acting out, no stupid weird looking templates, but rather more sleek looks... I really wanted to do this, and I have ideas... we can start small so yeah our look may look noobish for now, but as the site progresses, and I get money, I will put my money into making the site worth visiting.

I will be returning to college, so I will def need an admin who can run a site while I am away if I get backed up in homework.. but I will be put into work at a hospital so I will spending time there, but I will also be spending time on the site. I just need a team willing to work if I am not around.

This may sound weird cause what's the point in running a site if the admin himself doesn't even show up, and this will not be the case... I will show up, but I won't be doing it every day once August Rolls around..

Anyways, just post if ya are interested, with the time you can contribute, so that I can get a good look. I won't even be mad if no one posts here, as I would then just have to find another site willing to help lol. Anyways I brought it here first since this site is apart of me. I spent alot of countless hours working on the site before leaving, and have returned.. I trust alot of people here, so I know I will hopefully find the people I need.

--Also if you wish to ask any questions feel free right here, I will explain the background of how the site will work through a pm to you though... So if you asked me how the gaming site would be, I will send ya a pm..

All other questions can be answered here I think, depending on the question lol.