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Thread: Hacking forum nearly open!

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    Hacking forum nearly open!

    Me and Chris have been working on a hacking forum - Hack Revelation.

    You can view it at removed

    We'll be opening this Wednesday and Pro Membership will be given to all those that reach 500 posts within the first few months.

    So if you want to learn how to hack, want to help others, sell your services or even protect your site from hacking visit us!

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    Re: Hacking forum nearly open!

    Isn't that illegal hacking ?

    Anyway congrats!

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    Re: Hacking forum nearly open!

    It is ethical hacking which is teaching to protect yourself.

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    Re: Hacking forum nearly open!

    Don't you need a program to hack against the hackers?

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    Re: Hacking forum nearly open!

    Lots of hacks can be stopped. I've got a guide ready for forum owners regarding what they can do.

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