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Thread: The Hazey Staff Vacancies

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    The Hazey Staff Vacancies

    Forum Name: The Hazey

    Positions Available: As our site is always growing and the services are starting to be requested on a dally basis, I and the rest of the staff have decided to expand our staff team. We are looking for 2 members to join us, the vacancies are for 1 Designer and 1 Hirer, if either of these positions interest you then look at the role requirements below and then fill out our application form, if you have any questions please contact me via PM. I will respond to every applicant if they have been successful or not, thanks for reading.

    To apply for either role click here:

    Designer Role & Requirements

    • Must be 16 or over

    • Most have good knowledge of either Photoshop, GIMP or

    • Be able to complete user design requests daily

    • Design new graphic sets for our database such as rank sets.

    • Help run and organise contests & battles and also write articles and tutorials for the KB.

    • This is an unpaid position but any PSD's sold of your work is paid direct to you.

    • Either be or become and active member of the forum

    When applying give details of your design background and examples of your work.

    Hirer Role & Requirements

    • Must be 16 or over

    • Main role is to complete user request for out “Hire A Member” Service

    • English must be main language and have good writing skills as well as good spelling and grammar.

    • Role requires you to be active daily when doing requests

    • Minor roles include writing blogs and articles

    • Must be or become an active member of the forum

    • This is an unpaid position

    When applying give details of any past posting work such as exchanges etc and why you feel the role should be given to you.

    Link to forum:

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    Re: The Hazey Staff Vacancies

    You're filtering out many good designers who are under 16. Don't make expectations and generalisations on how people act because of their age.

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    Re: The Hazey Staff Vacancies

    So be it, been using/designing and programming sites when most were in nappies. Plus I don't agree with you pasting your hacking site in this thread, I don't agree with a admin of a promotion site advertising a hacking site, I for one will not be using this site in future

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    Re: The Hazey Staff Vacancies

    This isn't the place to discuss that, Pm me.

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    Re: The Hazey Staff Vacancies

    We still need the staff if anyone is interest, even possibly paid positions.

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