On Exilian, our moderators and one admin are elected on a 6-month basis. To qualify for election, you have to be a citizen-level member or above; this is of course why I'm flagging this up now. I expect the elections will be in early July or the end of this month, so to be able to stand you'll need to become a citizen between now and then (I'd expect you to have made 40-50 posts for that), and of course become well known enough to get people voting for you. Citizen votes take a week, so if you make 50 or so posts this week, get propsed and voted in (I'm happy to propose active people, just PM me), then you'll be able to put your name down for the election. An interest in modding, Rome Total War, or Mount & Blade might be helpful but certainly isn't necessary; the admin job involves moderating the citizens, discussions and voting parts of Exilian and the moderators are both Global Mods.

This isn't a job offer, clearly, since it's an election and not my decision. That said, if anyone wants the opportunity to join (in my humble opinion) one of the best staff teams on the web for gaming and discussion then now is the time to join and start working towards it.

Many Thanks.

Oh, and in case you need the site link;