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    Name: Quifoo Webmaster Blog


    Jobs Available: Blogging (UNLIMITED)

    Payment: Depends...

    I created this new website, Quifoo blogging. So obviously, at this time I am making no money for doing it. But eventually I hope to via ads and that good stuff. So what I need are people to blog at least 2-4 times a week. Article will need to be at least 200 + words. Articles must be on the topic of technology, gaming, administration, ecommerce, website management, or something along those lines.

    Now time to talk more about payment. So as I said, eventually I'll make money and you will get paid money either per word or per article. If you want to make money by blogging with me, start fast/now because the longer you are with me, the more money you'll make eventually. PM me to talk about it.

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    I will sign up, i can post about tech, administartion and website management

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    Good luck getting staff

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