Forum Name: Evolved Packages

Positions Available: Please see below.

I am looking for the following which can be found below:

Global Advisory & Team (Positions Available): 2.

I need one team leader and one staff member. Below are the requirements:

  • You need good grammar and spelling.

  • You must be able to contribute to packages.

  • Your able to contribute to the community completing atleast - 10 post's every 3 days.

That applies to the advisory and team members

Package Advisory & Team (Positions Available): 4.

I need one team leader and three staff members. Below are the requirements:

  • You must be able to complete 2 - 3 packages a day, overall 7 packages a week.

  • You must have accurate spelling, good grammar.

  • You and the team must be able to interact with other staff member's when doing packages.

  • You must be able to do 10 post's every 2 day's, controlling your service included.


As always staff members must be active and be willing to work with ZetaBoards.

Link to forum:


Reply to this thread with the template below or PM me:

Name & Age:

Position Applying For:

Are you willing to contribute to packages:

How often are you active:

What is your time zone:


I need two users from a different time zone also as I do not want packages waiting.