Name of site (and/or forum)?: Forum-Posting

Link to forum?:

Genre?: Paid Posting

Forum Software?: SMF (Familiarity with VB, IPB, phpbb, SMF would be helpful)

Total number of posts the forum has received?: +

Seeking?: Paid Poster

Paid Position?: Yes

If Paid, How Much?: 0.10/post up to 0.25/post

Why are you requesting staff?:

The site has been getting a lot of traffic recently we have to many orders and not enough staff.

As a paid poster you will be paid $0.10/post you make - Once an 'order' is complete all the posters on that particular order gets paid for the post they made. We will automatically do this. If you would rather we hold your money and pay it out week or monthly this is also fine.

They offer most major currencies including but not limited to, GBP, USD, AUD, CAD and Euro.

You will be assigned a Team Leader who will answer any questions you have, tell you what's good about your posts and what's bad, they will also review every post you make to ensure our high standards are met.

The next stage is for you to contact a member of the team please email