Hello, As you all know by the title of the topic, I would like to say paradise-gaming is currently looking for staff members for our website. We are a gaming commuinty, we have a ventrilo right now. We are currently looking to be getting more servers such as teamspeak, servers. We need anyone we can to help us out in our project. We are going to be developing a custom cms for our website. We are going to be needing designers, coders, moderators, admins, ect. We are aslo going to be needing advertisers for out gaming commuinty.

Paradise-Gaming, will be having cheats, guides, tuts, game releases, ect. We are going to be explaning some basic cheats on how to do stuff, we are aslo going to be having VIP for Premium cheats for everyone who would like to contribute to our commuinty. We are aslo going to be having guides to be doing stuff like how to get past certain missons and stuff like that. Tuts are basicly the same on guides on how to do stuff. We are going to be giving game releases and game reviews on the games for our commuinty to know about games.

We are aslo going to be needing some people to be recording videos. The videos will be of our servers when we have some and everything that we have to offer and trailers ect.

I would be asking my self some questions if I was reading this article right now, one might be what would the designers be designing? The designers would be desining logos, templates, administrator panel all the stuff like that. The Designers will all be put up on a team and will work together.

What type of stuff needs to be coded? There will be tons of stuff that will be needed to be coded. There will be html, css, php, html, ect. The coders will code the index page, registration page, fourms, administration, moderators.

What do moderators do? Moderators will be maintaning the site make sure everyone is behaving and answering questions that some people may have about the website, ventrilo , or gameservers.

If you would like to be part of our project please contact me on msn, my msn is wowxenoo@hotmail.com, or you can aslo come on the ventrilo I am on there sometimes but not all the time.

Ventrilo info: ventrilo.paradise-gaming.info port 3035

If you are going to flame the thread then. .