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    Well First i need ideas for my site i really have not been happy with my site at all. We will be using i come out to everyone for this for a reason. So i want to collect as many ideas i can to incorporate them into my site. that's based around post.

    After all of the i need

    2 administrators

    2 Global moderators

    1 moderator

    2 posters

    1 graphic designer

    1 Finisher this person will make sure announcements or major up dates are running fine if there not there job is to report this to the head admin

    And some one to make a style for me - i know this one will take time to fill but would be greatly appreciated.

    Now if you say you want one of these positions please leave you user name and what site you came from.

    I have wanted to make this site work for forever its based on free post for any forum the more you post the more you get in return

    We need ideas First before we fill in staff positions. And we will pick out the best people we feel that right for the jobs.

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    Did you delete the forums ?

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