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Thread: Recruiting S Mods & Editorial Team For Big Forums!

  1. #1 is currently going through a phase of no activity. We aim to overhaul the forums and put together a new staff team. Please note this is a serious site. We have 400k + posts, with a dedicated server and offices. So please, please please, only read on if you are serious too.

    Super Moderator

    There are 3 super moderator openings. You will moderate the site and enforce the rules.


    Active, good English skills, dedication. Experience is good, but overall dedication will be the most important factor.


    Please send all applications to Make the subject: Application for Super Moderator Position

    Then fill in the following form:

    Full Name:



    How often can you post:

    Previous experience:

    Why we should select you:

    Editorial Team

    We are looking for 3 editors and 1 chief editor.


    Very good English skills, you will be writing interviews and other public content. You must have lots of spare time to write for the site.


    Please send the following form to Make the subject: Application for Editorial Team

    Full Name:



    Previous Experience:

    Examples of your work:

    Are you interested in becoming the chief editor:

    Why we should select you:

    How much time can you dedicate to the site per day:

    Applications must be in my email inbox by the 24th July 6 PM.

    If you have any questions, please EMAIL ME.

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    yeah I was looking at the 6 PM, nvm.

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    Bumping this. This is a really great opportunity to start a moderating career, no experience required to apply!

    You can also apply for both positions!

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    I would apply but i dontknow if i will have time to do the tasks required... so good luck with it

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    I applied and I hope I get chosen when can we expect to hear back from you?

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    Applications must be in my email inbox by the 24th July 6 PM.

    So two or three days after that.

    Yep, I've got your application.

    Keep them coming, we still need more editorial applications and we need a large team to run our site! No experience required, as long as you are good at writing and enjoy it, apply now!

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    Btw, it's a pretty good chance to beef up your writing or moderating portfolio. We are getting 70k+ hits a month, plus look at what we've done in the past:

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    We now need 5 super moderators! So keep applying, you have a good chance!

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    Full Name: Lee Lawson


    IM: n/a

    Previous Experience: interviewBB current owner, FP reviewer, & Woxle Admin.

    Examples of your work: then visit the review section and you can see some of my work.

    Are you interested in becoming the chief editor: Yes.

    Why we should select you: I can bring some team spirit and lighten it up. I am able to get interviews from the likes of The Hoosiers, The Horrors, Editors, Klaxons, Sting, MadHouse and much more big artists with just using Twitter.

    How much time can you dedicate to the site per day: 1 - 4 hours per day.

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    Lee, I have hidden your post as you did not read the post. PLEASE EMAIL APPLICATIONS.

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