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The available positions are:

Tech team:1

*Main priority of our Tech team is to help our members bypass their problem's.

*You must have experience with computers.

*You have to be friendly and have patience.

*Be honest,if you dont know something leave it.

*Be active.

Community Team:1

*Main priority of Community Team is to keep the forum active.

*You have to keep the forum clean,any unwanted topics should be modified.

*Be active

*Be friendly.

Review Team:2

*Main priority of Review team is to bring the latest news in our forum.

*Be sure what you post,if it's valid.

*Be active.

Just a notice to the above:I'm including myself to these teams and conditions,i need some people who are mature and be happy to help the forum.

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Reply with your application with PM Or better fill thatApplication Form.