hi there, everyone.

I'd like to request for some help from you guys, I really need it. ^^"

you can read the complete application thread here, or read below, I have quoted it for you.

Forum/Website Name: Shikata no Harmony

Role(s/Services needed) required: Site Admin (Style Responsible)/Global Mod (1), Site Contributor (1)

Paid or not: of course not, everything is run free here, sorry ^^"

Method of Contact: you can PM me here on this forum, or go to my forum, register there, and post reply on the thread

Other details: please read below

Shikata no Harmony is still a new forum indeed, that is why I need some help from you to watch over of this forum as the staff team. The number next to the position open indicates how many members I'm planning to recruit. Here are few positions currently opened:

1. Site Administrators/Global Moderators (1)

Site Administrators are special-ranked members that dedicate themselves to make the forum alive and keep the forum according to the forum guidelines. Site Administrators are responsible for taking care of the forum as well as designing the forum to be in a nice look. Therefore, for this position, the main requirement is the ability to design a banner for the forum and creative in changing style.

Global Moderators are special-ranked members that help to make the forum stays clean from spams or other unnecessary posts. There is no special requirement to apply as global moderators. As long as you are willing and dedicated to help us grow, you are accepted. Experience is not necessary here. If you are unfamiliar with moderating a forum before, I will be happy to teach you some basics.

3. Site Contributors (1)

Site Contributors are special-ranked members that provide the forum with the most up-to-date information regarding Akiko Shikata. They can also provide download links when it's available. There is no special requirements to apply, however, it maybe good if you understand Japanese because Shikata-san's blog and website is all in Japanese. However, that is not compulsory. If you have any other trustworthy resources for the information, it is always welcome.

If you feel like you are fit for any of those positions, you can post your message here or PM me. You don't really have to write lots of things, just write which position you're applying for, some experience if you have any, and why are you interested in applying for that position. One member can only apply for one position, so choose carefully.

What is the benefit of joining the staff team? You will have different colors for your user name and special user title to distinct you from other registered members. Staff team members also have special permissions over some sections in the forums.

thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it!