What value should be filled in the Database Host field?

These are the Database settings that need to be filled in:

  • Database Host - is mostly “localhost”. Can be found in the PHPMyAdmin Control Panel. If not, please obtain the host name from your webhosting company.
  • Database User – The user name for the database that you created.
  • Database Password – The password for the database.
  • Database Name – The name of the new database that you created.
  • Database Tables Prefix – the database prefix – this is a compulsory user-defined value. The default value here can be “phpautoresponder”.

How are the emails created and edited?

You can use any HTML editor to create / edit a text / html email template. Sample e-mail templates are provided in the “data” folder. All templates must use lower-case characters. All templates must be uploaded to the data folder.

Text based emails can be written using text, regular spacing and line breaks. HTML based emails require the code <html> to be added as the first word (strictly) in the second line (first line of the body) in order for it to be recognized as HTML. Be sure to use absolute paths (the full URL) if you are linking to images. Otherwise, the images will be broken in the recipient's email.

Note: The first line of the template file will be the Subject of the email. Everything below that will be the body of the email.

Does this script allow attachments to be added to autoresponders, i.e. a pdf file?

Though it is not possible to send a file as an attachment, there is a workaround.

  • Upload the file to your website using any FTP.
  • Open an email template.
  • The first line of the email template file will be the subject of the email.
  • Second line MUST start with <html> in lowercase.
  • Copy the file location and paste into the email template like <a href=”http://www.yourdomain.com/pdf/download.pdf”>Download</a>.
  • Upload the email template to the“data” folder of your website, where you have hosted.
  • Click the links of Manual Queue Generation and Manual Queue Processing one by one in Admin Panel->Mail Queue.
  • Your subscribers will download the file from your website.

How can I create different lists for different sets of emails – for example, a separate list for Dog Grooming and for Cat Grooming?

PHPAutoresponder has two unique features:

  1. Installation on multiple domains
  2. Multiple installations on different folders of the same domain.

To have different email lists, you can create multiple lists in different folders of the same domain. For example, you can create folders named Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming. The installation procedure would be the same, just that you would upload the unzipped PHPAutoresponder files to a different sub-folder each time and install it from there.

Please make sure the that you give the correct path, when you paste the source code in your web pages. From each sub folder, you can send mails to particular sets of subscribers on customized date schedules.

Where do I get the code to be pasted on a webpage so that user can put their name and email for me to capture?

The PHPAutoresponder.zip file includes the complete source code.

  • Open and copy the index.php source code (<div> ….. </div>) and <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="admin/css/admin.css" /><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="admin/css/form.css" /> and paste this within the code of your web page.

  • Please make sure the path to the PHPAutoresponder folder/sub-folder and your web page are accurate.

This will allow people to subscribe from any customized web page.

Next, how do I add my emails to be send out to them and also how to define the duration between emails be it 1 or 3 days?

###r.txt - This template is a recurring template. Placing an "r" after the number will send that template every # of days.
1r.txt - Will be sent 1 day after subscribing and every day after.
3r.txt - Will be sent 3 days after subscribing and then every 3rd day after.

Where are the lists of subscribers stored?

The subscribers list will be stored in the database, which you have installed in your web server.

Are there any restrictions on how many people can sign up in a given time - e.g 1,000 per day etc?

No. PHPAutoresponder provides unlimited sign-ups. You can also add subscribers information by uploading more than 1000 email ids per attempt not per day through Import / Export option from Admin Login.

Can I do a 'broadcast' to the list at any time?

Yes. You can broadcast to the list at any time.

If a new subscriber joins the list, say on Wednesday, can the system be programmed to send the same message that all other subscribers are getting. In other words the new subscriber does not start a message 1 but starts at the current mail, even if it is message 20?

If a new subscriber joins the list on Monday, then the new subscriber will get the same email from an email template of Monday.txt that all other subscribers are getting.

Is there a demo version to try before I buy?

We have provided Online Demo facility for your convenience.

I've got a list of 22,000 subscribers. How do I import? Can you help?

  • Depends on your hosted server, you can import n of number of subscribers list. Or else, you can split a list into several files and import them one by one.
  • When you are import your subscriber’s list, which is separated by comma or tab, PHPAutoresponder will display an entire list of subscribers in a tabular format for your convenience. You can check out of email id(s), which you do not want to import. It is optional.

Delete duplicates? Delete bounced emails? Double Opt-In?

While importing a list, PHPAutoresponder will filter duplicate email ids, bounced emails ids. PHPAutoresponder maintains unique email ids of subscribers. Once you import the list successfully, the subscribers will get a mail immediately with message from a respective email template.

I could not see how to add a new list, manage my lists, or to add a new responder?

You can add subscribers one by one through Dashboard link and export & import the subscribers list through Import/Export link.

It looks like I can only have only ONE responder, and only ONE list, with your system.

You have to install PHPAutoresponder in subfolders of your same domain for multiple lists.

When I import new subscribers from my old database will it automatically
send timed responses to them?

When you import subscribers list, PHPAutoresponder will be listed a subscribers list in a tabular format. When you click Import button, the subscribers list will be imported.

If you do not want to send mail to your subscribers, while importing, please check out the Send Mails checkbox in tabular format.

What is use of Database Tables Prefix?

You can give database name also. The name will be included with the table names. It is used to avoid name collision in table names. If you want to use single database for different list, you can use same database name with different database table prefix.

Do I need to install PHPAutoresponder in your server and will you maintain our subscribers information?

No. You can install PHPAutoresponder in your webserver itself and your subscribers informtion will be stored in your database. Your web hosting company provided a FTP username and password to upload & download the files between your local system and web server.

Or else, you will have an option in your web hosting company control panel to upload and download the files between your local system and web server.
PHPAutoresponder will run from your website alone. Subscriber’s information will also store in your database.

Can I populate the email DB with data from a website form.

You can export the subscribers list with message from Admin Panel. You can backup all email templates through FTP, which are stored in ‘data’ folder.

Can it be configured to send an email out as soon as someone signs up on a website and automatically continue sending them a set amount of emails?

Yes. You have an option in Admin Panel->Configuration->Notification Settings. If you enable this option, you will receive an email, whenever a new subscriber signs-up.

Mostly all self host autoresponders are limited to sending 500 emails per day by their hosting company. Can this be overcome using PhpAutoResponder?

You have three options to overcome this limitation:

  • Contact your web hosting company and ask them to increase the mail sending limit and pay for it. (The reason for this limitation is that your web hosting company does not want you to overuse processor resources. If you send bulk mails from your site, it may affect other hosted sites performance because you are shared the service with other websites.)
  • Talk to your web hosting company about SMTP mail server. You can host your files in domain server. You can send mails from SMTP mail server.
  • Use a dedicated server for your product / application / website. You can set the limit on your own.

After installation of the web form, how can the form width be adjusted?

You can customize the styles in file “admin/form.css”.

Can PHPAutoresponder subscribe someone by receiving an email rather than through a web form?

Yes. Anyone can subscribe to your site from their email, if it is HTML email. Depends on email Service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, so on, the process of sending HTML email will be varied. You can copy the source code of index.php, which is stored in PHPAutoresponder root folder, and paste into Email Service Provider’s editor (body of mail).

Please make sure to use absolute path (full URL) in index.php i.e. subscribe.php, style sheet and so on. The Receivers will receive an email with web form (customized). And they can subscribe to your website from the email itself. If you use Outlook, the process of sending HTML email will be simple.

Does PHPAutoresponder work with a remote cron service like www.mywebcron.com as opposed to cron running on the webserver?

Yes - this is possible.

I have a little problem with international characters like čšž. Not in the html templates but in sign up form in the name label. It does not pick up characters mentioned, so its a little hard for me to send personalized e-mails to people having international characters in their names, because characters like čšž in their names become funny signs when they get mail. Is there any solution to this problem?

To display international characters, please replace the following line (Line No.4) in index.php and admin/tpl/header.php of PHPAutoresponder installed folder.

<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />