I have installed the phpautoresponder.com, is all ok but I have a problem when I sent a e-mail to all subscribe name.

I try to explain better the problem:
I write a template with %%SUBSCRIBER_NAME%%.
- If I importing a email contact and I send immediatly a message to all contact isn't problem.
- If I send a email for exsample after 30days to all subribe name, the e-mail send with the correct address, but the subribe name don't change and don't change also the unsubscribe link.... this data (subribe name and unsubscribe link) is always the first name of the list.

for exsample:
I have 2 name in the list name A and name B
name A is ok
name B receive the mail with the subribe name and unsubscribe link of name A !

you can help me ?