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Thread: BBC: "Free market flawed, says survey"

  1. BBC: "Free market flawed, says survey"

    Take a look at this BS folks: "Free market flawed, says survey"

    So we got closer to a true free market in Europe and were even closer in USA for much longer and it earned us prosperity that could not be seen in prior times. However contrary to what these masses apparently believe we never actually had a free market, not truly and not fully, given that certain industries were still monopolized by the government, that the institution of a corporation (a government created entity with special privileges no business should have in a truly free market) existed and that the masses were still taxed (forced to pay for these monopolized services).

    And this is why we have corporatism. It is corporatism these masses are looking at and saying "it doesn't work" or "it is flawed", but they've been coaxed into calling that "free market capitalism". Next thing we know, communism is gonna be called a "free enterprise society".

    The thing is, free market cannot be flawed since it is not a system. It is rather an absence of a system. No individual is forced to participate in any particular system and scheme and instead they're free to cooperate on their own solutions. These specific solutions may fail just like a business may fail because it failed to provide value, but that's not a failure of a free market.

    Nevertheless, here we are, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, people want their slavery back, without even realizing what it is they wish for. Yet it is me and people like me, who want no part in this pathetic little game of theirs, that are gonna feel the whips, because I do not want to go along with this.

    I'm posting this here because I've seen lots of people here who sympathize with the idea of a free market and aren't as easily duped to believe the current crisis is the fault of a free market. It only makes me like NB even more. And besides, it's a politics forum so I might as well use it.

    What do you think of all this?

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    It's a scary thought that so many people want even more governmental control.

    I think the outcome of the 'Demise of the Soviet Union' poll doesn't mean much as it is a bit simplistic. There are too many occurrences and too many different people with different interests to say it's mainly a good or bad thing.

  3. Yeah I agree that's probably not saying too much. I've read elsewhere that the poll actually interviewed only 29000 people in about 27 countries which is all in all quite a small fraction of the entire population of Earth or even just the western civilizations.

    I was never asked. Have you been asked? I would guess not.

    I know this is what statisticians do however. They take a sample from possibly diverse backgrounds and then present this as if it reflects the opinion of an entire populace. It may even be true that it does to some extent, but then again human beings aren't quite like a lake you can take a small sample of and truthfully measure its composition. We can be quite diverse, unpredictable etc..

    Ah well at least I can hope and besides, we certainly shouldn't hang our fates and activities on the results of some poll.

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    You think you should worry...I live in France and if you go to the bottom of that article you will see that in the US about 12% think 'free market capitalism is fatally flawed' while in France the figure is 43%! So presumably the French government will feel pretty free to intervene even more than they do at the moment.

    (I think it's because the French avoided most of the excesses of the last few years, didn't go credit mad, had less of a property boom etc but are still suffering as much from unemployment and the crisis etc as anyone else)

  5. DickTracy, I'm not in US actually and my country wasn't on the list of those surveyed.

    But there is one funny thing about it (in a black comedy way). When the recession came we didn't quite feel it as bad as the others. Why? Because the recession is a "normal" for us.

    That could be similar to what's going on in France. Your government may have even prevented excess spending, but it could have in the process also prevented the growth that could have resulted if it wasn't involved in the first place. So people end up thinking how government did something good.

    I mean that's the common myth. When the society goes bad, they blame the government for "not doing something" (AKA intervening). When the society is good, they credit the government for "doing it right" (and the "national pride" shoots up). Yet in neither case was the government necessary nor the only factor.

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    Its not free market capitalism that is flawed, its the money we use.
    Its not even printed by Government. These banks like the Federal reserve are private embargos that have monopolized money itself and issue at interest. That in essense, makes our system fatally flawed indeed.

    Umemployment and poverty is nothing new. This are problems that we have always had, even 500 years ago in Europe.
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