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Thread: Benghazi attack and coverup

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    Check it out further....the buildings in Benghazi were actually not a consulate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robjones View Post
    Benghazi was supposedly a consulate, not an embassy...
    I think you are correct. I have also heard the Benghazi location called a diplomatic mission, which I assume means a meeting place.

    Some one needs to inform the liberal media about the difference. That is why I was confused. The liberal press always reminds me of the blind men trying to describe an elephant.

    Washington Post
    What did Mr. Obama know about the Benghazi embassy attack?

    New York Times -- HTML Title tag
    Private Security Hovers As Issue After Embassy Attack in Benghazi, Libya

    USA Today
    Report: U.S. knew of terror claims in Libya embassy hit
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    Okay, I can not find the link yet.
    But the buildings being used in Benghazi were given to us by the British when they pulled out.
    Leaving tons of ammo, explosives, etc.
    What Benghazi actually was?
    The main station for sending illegal arms to Syrian rebels, other rebels, and to the turks.

    And now our nobel peace prize winner wants to take us into war in Africa, Mali to be specific.
    That will be a developing story.

    And more news is that some states, and more probably will get on board, are wanting to secede from the USA!

    The second is Texas, as it really does not need the USA.... 15 states!

    Be interesting how all this works out.

    Keep up with these sites, I do.
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    Much as I'd actually like to see that happen, the petitions on can be created by anyone, so they aren't official requests by the state, just individuals.

    In addition to the people that have signed them, how many more wont sign simply because they do not want their name and email addy on a dissidents list in some FEMA or DHS log?
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    Benghazi was a consulate, but they rented a private villa for the purpose. They made some slight modifications to improve security, but they did not meet the requirements for a consulate. From what I can tell, Ms. Lamb at State was in charge of that. She also was the one who turned down additional security personnel for Benghazi. She needs to be investigated thoroughly.

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    Also, I agree with Rob about the petitions to the site. Anybody can start a petition there. Supposedly if a petition receives enough signatures (something like 25,000 in a couple of weeks), then they will be reviewed by a policy advisor. I think it's just yet another way to collect email addresses for the administration/DNC/whatever. A state legislature would have to initiate any resolution to secede and we're a long, long, long way from that happening.

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    Issa had released a bunch of documents and emails back in October.
    Read them...interesting....

    Again, lots of confusion on the status of the Benghazi compound.

    Some call it a consulate and it stuck.
    State Dept. really just called it a MISSION.
    Anyways, a matter of semantics and time line on exactly what Benghazi was.

    Again, quite a bit on this to show it was nothing but a conduit to get arms to Syria.
    Arms Flow to Syria May Be Behind Benghazi Cover-Up :: Clare M. Lopez

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    Quote Originally Posted by TexasConnie View Post
    Benghazi was a consulate
    I think that the best definition is a consulate. A consulate doesn't have Marine guards or house the ambassador. In this case, Chris Stevens, US ambassador was in Benghazi because it's the defacto Rebel Capital and ....

    Glenn Beck: What Was Ambassador Stevens Doing in Benghazi? Arming Syrian Rebels!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    But the buildings being used in Benghazi were given to us by the British when they pulled out. Leaving tons of ammo, explosives, etc.
    So it's all the fault of the British? Can't say I'm surprised. Things so often are our fault. However from what I can make out TexasConnie is right. The consulate was a rented villa - rented before the British left presumably - and not the abandoned British compound. What I want to know is why the British arranged to leave guns and vehicles in lightly-guarded US compound, where they would be an attraction to extremists.

    A Foreign Office spokeswoman would not give details of the British equipment in Benghazi. "Following the suspension of our office in Benghazi the US consulate agreed to store some equipment on our behalf. We are working with the US to establish what, if anything, has happened to this equipment," she said.
    Libya: British guns unaccounted for after Benghazi consulate attack - Telegraph

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    Quote Originally Posted by jean
    So it's all the fault of the British? Can't say I'm surprised. Things so often are our fault.
    Well, probably not in this case... but if we can't find someone else to blame we try to pin things on our best allies. Tradition and all that. Far as I'm aware the UK crew's only fault is being smart enough to pull out of Benghazi when it became untenable, making us look like the idiots that didn't read the memo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robjones View Post
    Well, probably not in this case...
    I'm not sure Rob. Something smells of fish to me. Why is the FO not saying what the lost equipment was? There are all sorts of stories circulating, one of which is that the CIA had prisoners in the annex, whom the attackers aimed to release. That seems on the wild side. But it does look as though the attackers knew their way about the place and made for the annex after blasting the consulate building (rented villa). Of course they could just have liberated this mysterious "equipment" when they happened upon it by chance. Hmmm.

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