A few years ago, former Congressman Ron Paul sparked a grass roots revolution amid the growing frustration the American people were having with their government and central banks after the taxpayer funded bailout in 2008. This revolution, known as the End the Fed movement, helped then Congressman Ron Paul run a solid campaign for President in 2012, and bring to the public a greater understanding of how centralized planning and monetary policies were at the core of most economic, domestic, and geo-political problems within the country. And just two years later, this grass roots movement has migrated outward, and on June 19, was the central theme of a massive protest rally in Germany where common people called out for the end of central banking, NATO and unjust wars, and especially, the Federal Reserve.
It seems that rallies are spreading throughout Germany protesting the corrupt and dying global status quo. One of the key targets of these groups is the U.S. Federal Reserve system, which as I and many others have maintained, is the core cancer infecting the entire planet.
According to the organizer of these rallies, they have now spread to up to 100 cities and have a combined attendee base of around 20,000. What is also interesting, is that the mainstream media in Germany is calling them Nazis. In Germany, if you don’t support Central Banking, this apparently means you are a Nazi. - Liberty Blitzkrieg
In 2014, Germany joined a number of other Eurozone countries that were losing seats in their parliaments to radical and extremist political parties. And in their most recent election cycle for Parliament (Reichstag) seats, Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), lost several seats to a growing number of radical anti-European Union delegates.
Additionally, anti-EU delegates won a majority of seats in the election for the European Union's parliament on a wave of anti-bailout sentiment from central bank monetary policies that have deepened the ongoing struggle for jobs and economic growth within Europe.
100 years ago, Germany was torn apart because of an alliance with another empire (Austrian-Hungarian), and a world war that changed their landscape forever. In the years between 1914 and 1918, civil unrest against bankers and industrialists eventually led Kaiser Wilhelm to abdicate his throne after ordering his soldiers to fire on striking workers at the tail end of the conflict, and their refusal undercut his ability to lead.
Germany has a long history of being a pawn to banking interests, with several Western bankers, including the grandfather of the Bush family dynasty, funding the rise of dictator Adolph Hitler in the 1930's. And when you add in the horrific years of hyper-inflation that the German people experienced under the Weimar Republic, it is not surprising that their memories are long and sharp, and promoting the overthrow of the Federal Reserve is a cause that many in the Fatherland can relate to.
End the Fed goes global as Germany holds protests against U.S. central bank - National Finance Examiner | Examiner.com

Man, European people are in the streets these days...