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Thread: Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War

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    Japan Reacts to Fukushima Crisis By Banning Journalism

    Japan – Like the U.S. – Turns to Censorship

    2 weeks after the Fukushima accident, we reported that the government responded to the nuclear accident by trying to raise acceptable radiation levels and pretending that radiation is good for us.
    We noted earlier this month:
    Japan will likely pass a new anti-whistleblowing law in an attempt to silence criticism of Tepco and the government:
    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government is planning a state secrets act that critics say could curtail public access to information on a wide range of issues, including tensions with China and the Fukushima nuclear crisis.
    The new law would dramatically expand the definition of official secrets and journalists convicted under it could be jailed for up to five years.
    In reality, reporters covering Fukushima have long been harassed and censored.
    Unfortunately, this is coming to pass. As EneNews reports:
    Associated Press, Nov. 26, 2013: Japan’s more powerful lower house of Parliament approved a state secrecy bill late Tuesday [...] Critics say it might sway authorities to withhold more information about nuclear power plants [...] The move is welcomed by the United States [...] lawyer Hiroyasu Maki said the bill’s definition of secrets is so vague and broad that it could easily be expanded to include radiation data [...] Journalists who obtain information “inappropriately” or “wrongfully” can get up to five years in prison, prompting criticism that it would make officials more secretive and intimidate the media. Attempted leaks or inappropriate reporting, complicity or solicitation are also considered illegal. [...] Japan’s proposed law also designates the prime minister as a third-party overseer.
    BBC, Nov. 26, 2013: Japan approves new state secrecy bill to combat leaks [...] The bill now goes to the upper house, where it is also likely to be passed.
    The Australian, Nov. 25, 2013: Japanese press baulks at push for ‘fascist’ secrecy laws [...] Taro Yamamoto [an upper house lawmaker] said the law threatened to recreate a fascist state in Japan. “This secrecy law represents a coup d’etat by a particular group of politicians and bureaucrats,” he told a press conference in Tokyo. “I believe the secrecy bill will eventually lead to the repression of the average person. It will allow those in power to crack down on anyone who is criticising them – the path we are on is the recreation of a fascist state.” He said the withholding of radiation data after the Fukushima disaster showed the Japanese government was predisposed to hiding information from its citizens and this law would only make things worse. [...] The Asahi Shimbun newspaper likened the law to “conspiracy” regulations in pre-war Japan and said it could be used to stymie access to facts on nuclear accidents [...]
    Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan president Lucy Birmingham: “We are alarmed by the text of the bill, as well as associated statements made by some ruling party lawmakers, relating to the potential targeting of journalists for prosecution and imprisonment.”
    Activist Kazuyuki Tokune: “I may be arrested some day for my anti-nuclear activity [...] But that doesn’t stop me.”
    Lawrence Repeta, a law professor at Meiji University in Tokyo: “This is a severe threat on freedom to report in Japan [...] It appears the Abe administration has decided that they can get a lot of what they want, which is to escape oversight, to decrease transparency in the government by passing a law that grants the government and officials broad authority to designate information as secret.”
    U.S. Charge d’Affairs Kurt Tong: It’s a positive step that would make Japan a “more effective alliance partner.”
    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: “This law is designed to protect the safety of the people.”
    See also: Japan Deputy Prime Minister talks about “learning from the Nazis” — Previously said to let elderly people “hurry up and die” (VIDEO)
    Rather than addressing the problems head-on, the Japanese government is circling the wagons.
    Unfortunately, the United States is no better. Specifically, the American government:

    As we noted 6 months after Fukushima melted down:
    American and Canadian authorities have virtually stopped monitoring airborne radiation, and are not testing fish for radiation. (Indeed, the EPA reacted to Fukushima by raising “acceptable” radiation levels.)
    The failure of the American, Canadian and other governments to test for and share results is making it difficult to hold an open scientific debate about what is happening.
    Earlier this year, the acting EPA director signed a revised version of the EPA’s Protective Action Guide for radiological incidents, which radically relaxing the safety guidelines agencies follow in the wake of a nuclear-reactor meltdown or other unexpected release of radiation. EPA whistleblowers called it “a public health policy only Dr. Strangelove could embrace.”
    As we noted right after Fukushima happened, this is standard operating procedure for government these days:
    When the economy imploded in 2008, how did the government respond?
    Did it crack down on fraud? Force bankrupt companies to admit that their speculative gambling with our money had failed? Rein in the funny business?
    Of course not!
    The government just helped cover up how bad things were, used claims of national security to keep everything in the dark, and changed basic rules and definitions to allow the game to continue. See this, this, this and this.
    When BP – through criminal negligence – blew out the Deepwater Horizon oil well, the government helped cover it up (the cover up is ongoing).
    The government also changed the testing standards for seafood to pretend that higher levels of toxic PAHs in our food was business-as-usual.
    So now that Japan is suffering the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl – if not of all time – is the government riding to the rescue to help fix the problem, or at least to provide accurate information to its citizens so they can make informed decisions?
    Of course not!
    The EPA is closing ranks with the nuclear power industry ….
    Indeed, some government scientists and media shills are now “reexamining” old studies that show that radioactive substances like plutonium cause cancer to argue that they help prevent cancer.
    It is not just bubbleheads like Ann Coulter saying this. Government scientists from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories and pro-nuclear hacks like Lawrence Solomon are saying this. [Update.]
    In other words, this is a concerted propaganda campaign to cover up the severity of a major nuclear accident by raising acceptable levels of radiation and saying that a little radiation is good for us.
    Any time the results of bad government policy is revealed, the government just covers it up rather than changing the policy.
    Japan Reacts to Fukushima Crisis By Banning Journalism Washington's Blog

    The governments of this century will be the most opaque never seen before, full of cover ups to hide incompetency in many cases. I believe that the people have the right to know if it doesn't affect the national security of their respective country and particularly the Democratic Western Republic countries.
    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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    Something Is Killing Life All Over The Pacific Ocean – Could It Be Fukushima?

    Why is there so much death and disease among sea life living near the west coast of North America right now? Could the hundreds of tons of highly radioactive water that are being released into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima every single day have anything to do with it? When I wrote my last article about Fukushima, I got a lot of heat for being “alarmist” and for supposedly “scaring” people unnecessarily. I didn’t think that an article about Fukushima would touch such a nerve, but apparently there are some people out there that really do not want anyone writing about this stuff. Right now, massive numbers of fish and sea creatures are dying in the Pacific Ocean. In addition, independent tests have shown that significant levels of cesium-137 are in a very high percentage of the fish that are being caught in the Pacific and sold in North America. Could this have anything to do with the fact that the largest nuclear disaster in the history of mankind has been constantly releasing enormous amounts of radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean for more than two years? I don’t know about you, but to me this seems to be a question that is worth asking. Since I wrote my last article, major news outlets have reported that large numbers of sea stars living off of the west coast of North America appear to be “melting“…
    Something Is Killing Life All Over The Pacific Ocean – Could It Be Fukushima?

    Something is going on in the Pacific water, wait the author mentioned: "Right now, approximately 300 tons of contaminated water is pouring into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima every 24 hours." and seems like the silence of the mainstream media on this means a much more catastrophic event!
    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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    What Is Happening To Alaska? Is Fukushima Responsible For The Mass Animal Deaths?

    Why are huge numbers of dead birds dropping dead and washing up along the coastlines of Alaska? It is being reported that many of the carcases of the dead birds are “broken open and bleeding”. The photo of some of these dead birds at the top of this article was originally posted by Alaska native David Akeya on Facebook. You can find more photos of these dead birds right here. And of course it isn’t just birds that are dying. As you will see below, something is causing mass death events among various populations of fish as well. In addition, it has been reported that large numbers of polar bears, seals and walruses in Alaska are being affected by hair loss and “oozing sores”. So precisely what is causing all of this? Could Fukushima be responsible? Authorities are claiming that all of this is being caused by “disease” or “harsh weather”, but are they actually telling us the truth? Evaluate the evidence that I have shared below and decide for yourself…
    What Is Happening To Alaska? Is Fukushima Responsible For The Mass Animal Deaths?

    Another article on the same subject. What is the real truth about this incident and all the consequences? Just asking you this and if you know more, please let us know.
    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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    Radiation alerts hit U.S. cities

    Fukishima cited as suspected source of increasing threat

    A private organization that monitors radiation data from network points across the United States issued email alerts today for two Western U.S. cities, Reno, Nev., and St. George, Utah.

    The alerts came from the the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center, which explains its mission is to provide radiation monitoring information from hundreds of sites in Japan and the U.S., including those run by the Environmental Protection Agency.

    The warning pinpointed an area “of concern” in St. George, Utah, where background radiation levels more than doubled today from the typical reading.

    In Reno, “the current background radiation level has increased suddenly by more than 200 points from the typical average.”

    The report said the “counts per minute” at St. George reach an all-time high of 456, while the average is 222 with a normal deviation of 55.

    In Reno, the CPM suddenly surged to 462. The all time high is 542. The average is 279 with a deviation of 56.2. founder Harlan Yother told WND he’s seeing more and more surges of radiation. Levels have risen along the West Coast, then moved east. The movement always follows by two or three days a rise in levels in Japan, home of the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster in 2011, he said.

    A previous alert, Nov. 26, cited the Fukishima nuclear disaster, where a power plant was struck first by an earthquake, then by a tidal wave created by the undersea quake.

    Several of the reactors at Fukushima melted down and exploded, releasing massive doses of radiation into the air and water.

    Yother said the records show that Seattle, which once was one of the lowest radiation reporting sites in the nation, has been rising since the disaster.

    “We can tell it has been increasing,” he said.

    Officials with the Utah and Nevada offices of emergency management did not immediately respond to WND questions about the readings. Nor did the Department of Homeland Security.

    The website offered basic advice for when radiation levels rise.

    “You may wish to close windows in your home or office to keep radiation out, and remove shoes upon entering your home, perhaps rinsing them off so as not to track radiation into the home. You may also consider using near-the-door coat racks to hang external coats or jackets you wore outside so as to keep any radiation that may have accumulated upon them, in one location and not have it throughout your home.”

    The Fukushima disaster developed in the aftermath of the March 11, 2011, quake. The cooling equipment at the plant failed, allowing the reactors to melt down. It was the largest nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986. It was the second disaster, along with Chernobyl, to measure Level 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale.

    Russia Today reported yesterday that Tokyo is looking to spent $970 million to store 130,000 tons of contaminated soil dug out from near the crippled power plant.

    The government also wants to buy up to five square kilometers of land to build a storage facility.

    The plant was designed by General Electric and run by the Tokyo Electric Power Company. Last July, the plant reportedly was leaking tons of heavily contaminated water into the Pacific.

    In addition to the email alert, the map showed four concern points in the Western United States, three in California and one inland a few hundred miles.

    They were listed at Radcon 4, only one step from an alert, the map showed.
    Radiation alerts hit U.S. cities

    Oh my!
    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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    Sickened by service: More US sailors claim cancer from helping at Fukushima

    When the USS Ronald Reagan responded to the tsunami that struck Japan in March 2011, Navy sailors including Quartermaster Maurice Enis gladly pitched in with rescue efforts. But months later, while still serving aboard the aircraft carrier, he began to notice strange lumps all over his body. Testing revealed he'd been poisoned with radiation, and his illness would get worse. And his fiance and fellow Reagan quartermaster, Jamie Plym, who also spent several months helping near the Fukushima nuclear power plant, also began to develop frightening symptoms, including chronic bronchitis and hemorrhaging.

    They and 49 other U.S. Navy members who served aboard the Reagan and sister ship the USS Essex now trace illnesses including thyroid and testicular cancers, leukemia and brain tumors to the time spent aboard the massive ship, whose desalination system pulled in seawater that was used for drinking, cooking and bathing. In a lawsuit filed against Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the plaintiffs claim the power company delayed telling the U.S. Navy the tsunami had caused a nuclear meltdown, sending huge amounts of contaminated water into the sea and, ultimately, into the ship's water system.
    “At our level, we weren’t told anything,” Plym told “We were told everything was OK.
    Sickened by service: More US sailors claim cancer from helping at Fukushima | Fox News

    It is just the beginning of the consequences from this catastrophic event...
    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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    Look at how desperate they are:

    Fukushima radiation cleanup: Send in the homeless?

    Fukushima radiation cleanup: Send in the homeless? -
    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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    For example, last year here what they did:

    300 times more radiation released into atmosphere from burning debris than claimed by gov’t

    300 times more radiation released into atmosphere from burning debris than claimed by gov’t

    Pretty ironic huh when they signed the Kyoto Protocol, let's see what's in it: The Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is an international treaty that sets binding obligations on industrialized countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

    Ok, let's move on.

    The US gov should order hundreds of millions of iodine doses.
    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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    Worker aghast at shoddy work on Fukushima radioactive water storage tanks

    URUMA, Okinawa Prefecture--Yoshitatsu Uechi recalls with disgust the disregard for worker safety, the makeshift plans and the cost-cutting measures, including the use of adhesive tape on key equipment, at his job last year.
    He said an emphasis on saving time and expenses was clear when he helped to build storage tanks for radioactive water accumulating at the site of Japan’s worst-ever nuclear accident.
    “I couldn’t believe that such slipshod work was being done, even if it was part of stopgap measures,” Uechi told The Asahi Shimbun.
    He was one of 17 workers from Okinawa Prefecture who were sent to the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant on June 28, 2012. The 48-year-old from Uruma said he worked on foundations and storage tank assembly between July 2 and Dec. 6, 2012.
    He said he was sent to various places at the site, including “H3,” an area now known as the spot where high radiation levels have been found due to leaks of radioactive water from the storage tanks.
    The leaking tanks are just part of the problem of contaminated water that continues to build up and leak into the ocean from the plant.
    One rainy day in late October, Uechi and a colleague were told to wear yellow raincoats on top of their protective gear and head to the “E” area close to H3. They were instructed to cover the openings of five or six storage tanks that lacked their top lids.
    Uechi climbed to the top of a nearly 10-meter-tall storage tank and found white adhesive tape covering an opening about 30 centimeters across. The tape was all that separated Uechi and the surface of radioactive water only 50 cm below.
    After using a blade to remove the tape, Uechi said his legs trembled at the sight of shiny raindrops hitting the water surface.
    He applied a sealing agent on the opening, fit a disk-shaped steel lid he had brought with him, and quickly fastened it with bolts.
    Uechi said he had been instructed to use four bolts, but he saw that the component had eight bolt holes.
    Workers were told to keep away from the radioactive water storage tanks, which had high radiation levels, even on the outside.
    “I wore a raincoat even on sunny days to block the radiation when I had to go near highly radioactive water,” Uechi said.
    His seasoned colleagues told him that the use of adhesive tape was one of the makeshift measures devised on the site to deal with the sharp increase in the stockpile of radioactive water.
    Worker aghast at shoddy work on Fukushima radioactive water storage tanks - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun

    "The use of adhesive tape was one of the makeshift measures devised on the site to deal with the sharp increase in the stockpile of radioactive water"

    Oh my, they are using adhesive tape against water tanks radioactivity of 3 melted reactors?
    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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    Scientist Marco Kaltofen Presents Data Confirming Hot Particles

    Arnie Gundersen: Hi, I’m Arnie Gundersen from Fairewinds. It is October 31st, 2011. This is a video that contains scientific information that we have been wanting to share with you for a long time. Today, in Washington D.C. at 8:30 in the morning, scientist Marco Kaltofen gave a presentation to some doctors who are part of the American Public Health Association. The paper is now on our website, next to this video.
    To summarize the paper, citizens, some doctors and scientists, some bloggers, some farmers, around the world provided samples to Mr. Kaltofen who analyzed them for Fukushima radiation. An example of what he found is a slide that contains air filters from cars in Japan and in the United States. Cars in the United States hardly have any radiation in their air filters. Cars in Tokyo had quite a lot, way too much. Cars in Fukushima Prefecture were incredibly radioactive.
    Now I think it is important because the nuclear industry will say, well everything is radioactive and therefore we should not worry. Well, the Seattle data shows that not everything is radioactive. And it shows that the people in Japan received enormous exposures of particles into their lungs and into their digestive systems, during the course of the accident.
    Another piece of information is that Fairewinds viewers were able to send in children’s shoes from Japan. Mr. Kaltofen has data that clearly show that the concentration of cesium on the kid’s shoelaces was astronomically high, around 80 disintegrations per second. What does that mean? Kids tie their shoes, their hands get radioactive and it goes into their G.I. tract. If it is on the ground, it is in the dust in the playground and it is in their lungs. I think that between the two, the air filters and the children’s shoes, it shows that there is a severe personal health problem in Japan that will manifest itself in cancers over the next 10 or 20 years.
    Now Mr. Kaltofen did not just look at Japan. He set up monitoring stations in the United States as well. Two of the three monitoring stations in the United States did show hot particles in the air in April. Since then, there have not been any hot particles. But in April, it is clear that, at the worst of the accident, hot particles were wafted across the Pacific and deposited in Seattle and in Boston at least. There is also data that indicates contamination on the ground in the Cascades, which are a mountain range right up against the Pacific Ocean.

    So I think we have two problems here. In Japan, there is a personal health issue and what that means is that individuals have received enough radiation that there is going to be a statistically meaningful increase in cancers in Tokyo and especially in Fukushima Prefecture.
    In the United States, it is a different story. It is a public health issue and not a personal health issue. What that means is that we will never know who is the individual who got cancer from Fukushima. But we can be sure that the radiation did reach here and that there will be an increase in cancers, especially on the West Coast where the Rocky Mountains stopped most of the radiation and deposited it on the ground.

    So, this paper was given to the American Public Health Association. And here it is a public health issue. We cannot run and we cannot hide. But the radiation is up and down the West Coast and then also scattered about the rest of the United States.
    In Japan, it is a different story. They need to aggressively go after the contamination that has been discovered. It is so obvious on these air filters and on children’s shoes. It takes a concerted national effort, not a haphazard effort of chasing hot spots, in order to reduce the amount of radioactivity that is on the soil and in the air in Japan right now.
    And the last thing the paper shows is that it is wrong to have a 10 mile evacuation planning zone. Clearly, the damage can extend out as far as Tokyo. We need to look at emergency planning and evacuations well beyond the 10 miles that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission uses here and the 12 miles that the Japanese used during the accident. You may recall that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said that Americans needed to evacuate 50 miles from Fukushima at the peak of the accident. Well, if it is good enough for Americans living in Japan, that same criteria should be good enough for Americans living in the United States.
    The data in Mr. Kaltofen’s paper came from citizens. It came from farmers. It came from scientists. It came from bloggers. It was an effort by individuals and not government. I think if we had relied on the government to get us this information, we never would have gotten it. So it is an important achievement for all of us, to recognize that together, using the internet, we can all provide information for scientists to use, to come to rational decisions on public policy.
    This November we are asking for your support so we can continue our scientific analysis and these educational videos.
    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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