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I wouldn't throwing any criticism to any President (sure some are better than others), because the real masters of the system are in the shadow. I believe that the bankers are the real masters of any system and they are manipulating everybody for their own interests.
I agree that someone or some group is pulling Obama's strings, but that does not excuse his claimed lack of knowledge regarding what is patently obvious to everyone else, including the CIA. A case in point is Benghazi. The CIA, the leader of Libya, and people on the ground all called it right, but Obama had to attempt to BS everyone with a story that a 5 year old would not find credible.

The IRS scandal is exactly what we have come to expect from Obama, as is his response. I'm surprised that hie did not blame that on on George Bush. Nothing is ever Obama's fault. He never makes mistakes. Except for perhaps that little investigation into AP reporters' phone records. But he is showing good faith by pushing legislation that should help protect reporters from further abuse by his administration. Isn't that worth something?

Every honest gun owner in the country knew from the day that Obama got elected that he was just waiting for an excuse to curtail our gun rights. What he says does not matter. Watch what he does.

The democrats have a long history of suppressing the rights and liberties of honest citizens, while protecting the rights of terrorists and criminals. Yet, they still keep getting elected. What is wrong with this picture?

Rights and liberties rarely get taken away in large chunks. They are nibbled away a little at a time.