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Thread: How many of you think that China may attack India by 2012

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    This is complete hogwash & sensationalist TV media nonsense. They made this up after the cow abduction reports.
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    Undeniably, these two countries have great forces which can certainly put some heat on but I don't think any of them would start an act of aggression. History is replete with facts that an erring country takes condemnation for an ill-started war and I think no one is foolish enough to start one big bang to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagicTallGuy View Post
    It's probably all jst a conspiracy and both countries might actually want the war just to get
    their population down to reasonable levels each country has over 1 billion people living in it
    and in around 30 - 40 years they both might hit 2 bill each and they wont be able to cope so
    you never know they might just be planning it all
    I'm a little confused.

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