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Thread: IRS, DOJ, Benghazi... Are the wheels coming off?

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    IRS, DOJ, Benghazi... Are the wheels coming off?

    This hasnt been a good week or two for the White House resident.

    The IRS admitted they've been specifically targetting groups with Tea Party or Patriot in their names (and more).

    The DOJ turns out to have done some massive techno-snooping on AP reporters that vastly exceeded the what they were supposed to be doing.

    Revelations about Benghazi continue to come out proving we've been systematically lied to about Benghazi, that there were steps that could and would have been taken to relieve the men but for counter-orders refusing to help, etc...

    Reporters and news channels that normally cheerlead for obama are starting to slip and criticize. If reporters at the mainstream news outlets start acting like journalists instead of cheerleaders, it could be bad news for Obama. Thoughts?
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    Think about this...Holder and the DOJ snooping on AP?
    Actually they were snooping on buck ofama and his regime!
    Hahahahaha...for as we know, the AP only reported what they were told to report by bucko and his group.

    See, for now, the first line in my sig file.

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    Normally the Liberal media wouldn't seriously pursue the IRS Tea Party issue, but they will go berserk when someone is infringing up on their rights. This could be the beginning of their separation from the Obama camp. I don't know if it will last, but it would be nice if they started doing the type of investigative work into the White House crime syndicate that they should have been doing for the past 5 years.
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  4. I have to agree with topdogger. Benghazi started to draw the attention of ABC, but still didn't merit front page coverage, and most media outlets completely ignored it, or back shelved it in favor of something critical Prince Harry's visit.

    Targeted attacks on Tea Party groups by the IRS got a few more media outlets, perhaps only because President Zero gave them queues that it was OK to do so by himself condemning the activities, if such activities were indeed taking place (sic).

    Where Barry royally screwed himself was in getting caught reading the APs phone records without a warrant or probable cause. The useless tools in the media could give a crap what Barry does, unless they perceive a threat to themselves. Ever since the AP story broke, the negative Obama press has escalated by an order of magnitude. WaPo today gave Barry four Pinnochios on his claim that he called the Benghazi attack an act of terrorism, a lie they supported around election time. Its like the media suddenly discovered the meaning of truth.

    In my opinion, they are screwed. Kirsten powers in her interview when she pointed out there is something fundamentally wrong with the media in this country.
    Kirsten Powers: "Something Fundamentally Really, Really Wrong With Our Media" | RealClearPolitics

    I honestly don't think the reputation of our media organizations will mend for a very, very, very long time, even if they did a complete about face today.

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    You can add this one too

    DOJ seized phone records of numbers tied to Fox News lines, documents show
    DOJ seized phone records of numbers tied to Fox News lines, documents show | Fox News

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    Somehow despite all the people who say how smart they are... I don't think the administration thought this thru very carefully.

    For any administration, attacking reporters ought to be at the top of a list labelled "Things we will NEVER EVER attempt". That's a fast way to wake up the guys in the media to your bad side. Unlike rank and file Democrats, the media can figure out that if you go after the one's you don't like, the ones you do like still lose a margin of safety... and nobody can piss on a president's parade faster than a hostile news media.

    Given the way they'd cut Fox from the herd, they shouldn't have jeopardized their media relations this way. Not only is it unconstitutional, it was strategically stupid. Between this and the over-reach with AP, the DOJ woke up the hounds and may find that they can bite.
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    Watch the comedians.
    All of them now are telling some scathing obama jokes that prior to this month, they never touched.
    Even Letterman is finally getting into the act.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robjones View Post
    Not only is it unconstitutional, it was strategically stupid.
    Smart people do some stupid things. I was always told that when someone made a mistake, the better way to see how good he is was how they fix the mistake(s).

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    There is a lot more that needs to be known about the Benghazi incident including the fact that at that time, according to the US Diplomatic website there was neither an embassy, a consulate nor a diplomatic mission in the city of Benghazi, Libya. I'm sure Obama would also consider that fact an unecessary distraction.

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    Benghazi: Whistleblower to claim Hillary Clinton gave Stinger missiles to al-Qaeda

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