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Thread: Justified or another brat kid with a skewed sense of entitlement?

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    Justified or another brat kid with a skewed sense of entitlement?

    NEW YORK (AFP) – A US student who recently graduated from New York's Monroe College said Monday she had filed a complaint with the school accusing it of being responsible for her inability to find work.

    Trina Thompson, 27, who graduated with a degree in information technology in April at the school in northern Manhattan's Bronx district, asked the state supreme court to award her 70,000 dollars to reimburse the tuition costs.
    The former student said she had been unable to find employment to support herself since graduation.

    Jobless US graduate sues college for 70,000 dollars - Yahoo! News

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    We have way too many people in the USA who think that society owes them something just because they exist.

    It sounds like the college was doing exactly what they said there were going to do. They provided her with job leads, which means that they were helping her to find a job. Did she expect them to do the job interviews, as well?
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    Yet it seems as though more and more kids are coming out of school with this same expectation or an odd sense of entitlement.

    Where is this coming from?

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  4. Well it's a typical trait of socialism and socialist thinking. Personal freedom and responsibility down the drain.

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    I never heard of Monroe College. Was it really worth 70k to go there?

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    Though I think she is being premature in her expectations, she graduated in April and filed the suit in July, I don't disagree with the basis of her suit.

    Colleges and universities advertise on the basis of what they claim they can do for someone's future, and why prospective students should choose them. I think we have all seen enough of the bogus BS they tout during NCAA playoffs when spots are given to the colleges for their own promotions.

    If a college gets attendance because of what they promised then doesn't deliver on that promise, it is a pretty meager excuse to say that someone's expectations are too high to deliver what they promised.

    Of course, that a big 'if'.

    Regardless of whether the college delivered on their promises or not, they did provide an education for her, whether she is able to use that to get a job today, or if it does not serve her well until 5 years from now; that is one qualification for which employers look which she now has.

    I think a full refund on tuition is a bit much to expect, even if the college failed to help her with job placement, but a partial settlement, is not, IMO. Of course, such is the nature of lawsuits, ask for more than you expect to get; if you ask for what you expect, you'll likely get less than that.

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