the "liberal agenda" depends on jealousy. Your neighbor has what you don't have, so you should get the same.
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I think greed has taken over and has become the norm. Too many people are looking for more freebies and that is their justification for voting preferences.

Who is actually greedier? Is it the person who wants to keep what they have worked for and earned, or the person who doesn't work but wants more freebies that are paid for with money taken away from those who have earned it?

The use of the term "Makers versus the Takers" is universally condemned by liberals because the latter so aptly describes their motives.

The only way to solve our economic problems is going to be painful for everyone, but the politicians avoid the obvious solutions because it will become apparent that they created the deep hole we are in in order to satisfy their voting blocks. They sold their souls (if they ever had them) and the country just to get elected and re-elected.