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Thread: Mark Skinner 2014 - political exploratory site

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    Mark Skinner 2014 - political exploratory site

    Just created a page for a friend (Mark Skinner, of Colleyville TX) that's looking into a run for office in TX. Not sure if he's trying to get to DC on this step or Austin... I believe he'd do DC if we can swing it. Feel free to like the FB page I just set up if you're game... and if there's any discussion, welcome to join in.

    Have known the guy literally since junior high. We need more businessmen with problem solving skills, less professional politicians. This one has a low tolerance for BS. I'd really like to see more guys like that.
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    He got my Like. Your endorsement is good enough for me.
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    Well I can't vote for him.
    Tell him to move to Iowa.

    Page liked though.

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