I just ran across an affidavit filed by Mike Zullo, the lead investigator on Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse that looked into the irregularities found in the copy of Obama's birth certificate posted on the White House web site. Many of us saw the press conference, but did not see all the details of the investigation. Here they are. It is interesting reading.

Zullo Affidavit

Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse is made up of retired Sheriff's investigators and forensic experts. These guys are some of the best. The proof that they present is compelling. Check it out yourself. Even though this has been downplayed by the Liberal media, we may indeed have an illegitimate president in the White House.

Since Obama took office, Joe Arpaio has been persecuted and prosecuted by the Obama White House. Prior to Obama taking office, Arpaio won over 50 discrimination cases brought by a ACLU, La Raza and others because they had no merit. He won every case because Joe follows the letter of the law. Since Obama took office, Obama's personally selected investigator declared Arpaio to be guilty of "one of the worst cases of racial profiling he has ever seen" and Joe has lost several cases in Federal courts. Do you smell a fixed court?. The only difference is the Obama/Holder reign. Maricopa County currently is the victim of a pending Federal class action law suit that allows any Hispanic in Arizona to join who has been stopped by any Sheriff's officers since 2005. This includes all of the illegals that Joe's officers have arrested.