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Thread: Obama goes Latin?

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    Obama goes Latin?

    Do you believe Obama will succeed in repairing ailing and severed relations with the more hostile Latin American countries?

    President-elect Barack Obama has never set foot in Latin America. According to Miami Herald columnist Andres Oppenheimer, Obama could not even recall the name of a single Latin American leader when he interviewed him for the first time over a year ago. Yet Obama was wildly favored in the region during the presidential race, and his election has been greeted with enthusiasm all over Latin America.

    Obama's popularity represents a magnificent opportunity to engage the region in at least five areas where the United States can have a positive impact on hemispheric development and security. President-elect Obama should focus his Latin American policy on the following:

    A Latin American Agenda for President Obama

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    The only reason why he came to power was because McCain screwed up big time and he liked to call himself "african american" even though he was half-white.

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